The Looking Glass is the Hamden High School literary magazine. The club specializes in compiling a virtual and printed booklet, exhibiting both the literary and visual artwork of the school community. This display features poetry, short stories, novellas, and art of both traditional and technological mediums. Members will assist in locating pieces, designing and managing the website, coordinating club finances, publication, fundraising, and advertising. The club requires students with vastly different abilities, and a passion for creativity. If these activities do not appeal to you, consider submitting pieces.  Please join us, on the following dates in order to begin contributing to the club. Find your place at the Looking Glass Literary Magazine.  Email the club with any further questions, at


Connor Grace

President of the Looking Glass

Margaret Creve-Coeur

Vice President of the Looking Glass



*September 23rd 2019 – NEXT MEETING

October 7th- Meeting

(Hamden High Library, 2:00pm-2:45pm)

*These dates are contingent on snow days, early dismissals, and room availability. If there is any question regarding the club meetings, contact the club*